PALI Meat Trading

PALI Meat Trading The value of by-products

We add value by ensuring that no part of our calves, pigs, and goats goes to waste. In this, backed by our significant expertise, wide network and large volumes, we are the partner you can rely on.

We promote a circular supply chain

The process of veal and pork production generates by-products. Instead of discarding them, we make these by-products available to markets like Asia, where animal products like brains, hearts and tongues are a delicacy. Ears, fat and tripe are used in the pet food industry in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Additionally, our sister company, Vitelco Leather, ensures that the hides of our calves are put to good use. This is how we reduce waste and promote a circular chain.

Buying, selling and transporting?

As well as selling our own by-products, we are actively involved in buying and selling fresh and frozen animal by-products from our partners. By doing so, we help them reduce waste too. By-products are stored at our own cold storage facility, where they are packaged before being transported to the customer.

More information about our by-products?