Your order in the right place at the right time Professional refrigerated transport

We deliver our meat products to you safely, responsibly and on time, frozen or chilled, according to your needs and specifications.

Refrigerated transport: all under our control

PALI Logistics coordinates all our refrigerated transport, allowing us to handle it ourselves together with a group of regular carriers. We ensure that trips are accurately planned, and we use modern refrigerated trucks and a permanent team of drivers. This guarantees that the transportation of your products is always well managed. You will receive your products directly from our deboning hall, cutting plant or cold storage facility.

Food-safe transportation

PALI Logistics and the carriers we work with are HACCP and IFS Logistics certified, which means they meet the strict requirements for the safe transportation of food products. The refrigerated trucks are equipped with advanced data communication technology that gives our planners insight into the condition of the cargo. They can also closely monitor the vehicle’s status and location.

Livestock transport specialist

In addition to the refrigerated transport of meat products, we are also specialists in livestock transport. Our fleet of modern livestock trucks allows us to transport large numbers of calves, pigs and goats efficiently and under optimal conditions to trading companies, farms or the abattoir.

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