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About us Discover the story of Vitelco

Vitelco is one of the largest veal producers in Europe. To find out how we built our company and reputation, read our story.

High-quality veal

Vitelco is an experienced specialist in white veal, rosé veal and young beef. All our products are sourced from our own calves. Vitelco is part of the global, family-owned PALI Group, and our products are sold to customers all over the world. We are driven by our devotion to providing our customers with top-quality veal products. In this, we are guided by our commitment to offering a personal approach and maintaining close involvement throughout the entire supply chain.

Discover the story of Vitelco

  • 1990


    PALI Group becomes co-shareholder of veal abattoir Vitelco, along with two veal milk manufacturers.

  • 2001


    Vitelco becomes fully owned by PALI Group.

  • 2003


    PALI Group establishes its headquarters on the Veemarktkade in ’s-Hertogenbosch, next to Vitelco.

  • 2014


    PALI Group acquires Diepop cold storage facility in ’s-Hertogenbosch and changes its name to Vrieskade. Vitelco is located right next to this facility and has been using it ever since. It has a freezing capacity of 300 tons of meat per day.

  • 2014


    Together with a partner, Vitelco acquires the Koninklijke Hulshof tannery in Lichtenvoorde. This is where Vitelco’s calf skins are processed.

  • 2017


    After minor remodelling, Vitelco now has a new deboning hall in the abattoir.

  • 2019


    Vitelco becomes sole owner of the tannery, producing fully traceable Dutch calfskin leather. The tannery is renamed Vitelco Leather B.V.

  • 2021


    Launch of website www.smaakvolvlees.nl, where consumers can order Vitelco’s veal products online. Its range also includes pork products from sister company PALI Meat.

  • 2022


    Duke’s Cuisine is launched, aimed at supplying fresh, cooked, and frozen meat to the hospitality industry. All products are pre-cut and packaged in convenient portions.

Vitelco’s quality guarantee

Vitelco is a chain director in the veal product chain. This means we can control the quality of every link in the chain. This control is based on good communication, clear agreements, continuous process monitoring, and our team of passionate professionals. The result: complete transparency from veal farm to final product. And the guarantee that our customers can rely on us for premium veal products.

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