Superior quality in

Superior quality in veal

At Vitelco, quality is the sum of all the links in the veal chain. As chain director, we ensure that each link adheres to quality agreements and guidelines. This results in first-class veal products and satisfied customers.

Reliable and responsible

At Vitelco, we work constantly to uphold our quality standards. Responsibility for this is shared by our entire organisation. We follow strict rules regarding the health and welfare of our calves and set high standards for production and processing. We also continuously check that both we and our supply chain partners are meeting all international requirements for hygiene, product inspection, product quality and export. When it comes to advice on quality improvements and innovations, we can rely on the valuable expertise of our internal quality department.

Transparency of origin

Our veal products can always be traced back to the individual calf thanks to our comprehensive registration and identification processes. This makes the origin of our products completely transparent. In the Netherlands, our operations are monitored by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), which oversees our abattoir and monitors animal health. This is an extra guarantee that Vitelco products meet the highest quality standards.

Independent inspections

Our products and practices are also assessed by other independent bodies in addition to the NVWA. For example, our slaughtering process is under the constant supervision of the Foundation for Quality Guarantee in the Veal Meat Sector (SKV). KIWA KDS (Animal Sector Quality Inspection) and KIWA CBS (Central Bureau of Slaughter Services) conduct daily inspections and audits.

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