In our modern deboning hall, we customise your veal products freshly every day. We can select each individual cut by colour and weight, and even decide how each individual calf is divided. This means you can always count on customised-services, even where smaller volumes are involved.

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Guaranteeing the exact origin of meat is becoming more and more important and we are able to do this with each individual calf. In our deboning hall, the calf parts remain together along the entire line and we label them immediately afterwards. We therefore know exactly which individual calf each piece of meat is from. We even guarantee this traceability right through to the packaging stage.


Each of the Vitelco deboners has their own screen that shows them how to cut each piece and what exactly the required cut is. Because the instructions are automated for each calf, errors are all but impossible and every cut can be customised. The computer determines what happens with the veal from front to back, making monitoring easier.

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The appropriate label is applied automatically at the end of the line and a screen immediately shows Vitelco whether the work has been completed according to the instructions. This also makes the quality control process of the cut easier, and that’s important because our aim is to guarantee that you are getting the quality you have ordered.

Packaged especially for you

We can package your boneless veal products in a number of ways. For instance, you can choose vacuum-packaged veal products, frozen boneless veal, delivery in cases or crates... Ask us about all the options.

Are you buying veal products for retail or catering purposes? We can also take care of delivery in portions. Vacuum-packed or in a skin pack – the choice is yours.

See our veal products without bone.

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