Fresh products from our own

Fresh products from our own deboning hall

We make customised, fresh veal products in our state-of-the-art deboning hall, where we select cuts by colour and weight. We can even determine the best way to process each individual calf, so customisation is always possible, even for smaller volumes.

Guaranteed traceability – right down to the box

At our deboning hall, all parts of the calf are kept together throughout the entire process. Once deboned, each part is labelled immediately, so we know exactly which calf each piece of meat comes from. And so do you. We guarantee that traceability with every order.

Automated instructions

Deboning is a skilled job, so at Vitelco, it is performed by experts. Our professional deboners are highly skilled professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of their trade. Automated instructions for each calf assist them in their work. Those instructions are displayed on screens at their workstations, so they can see how to cut each piece and what the desired cut is. This efficient, automated guidance reduces errors and makes customisation possible.

Quality control

When deboning is complete, our automated processes ensure that the right label is attached to the right product. We also perform standard checks to make sure all instructions have been followed. Our ability to gather and use a large amount of data means we can seamlessly integrate quality checks into the cutting process. This is important because, at Vitelco, we guarantee our customers quality. Our detailed processes make sure we can uphold that guarantee. Efficiently and reliably.

Packaged the way you want it

Packaging the boneless veal is an important part of our service. Products are packed with care, using the most appropriate packaging so they remain as fresh as possible. We offer a range of options, including:

  • Boxes or crates
  • Vacuum packed
  • Frozen or chilled
  • Portion packed or in large volumes

We would be happy to discuss all your requirements and offer you a tailored solution.

Would you like to know more about our customisation options?