Our own slaughterhouse

All the products we supply come from calves that we slaughter in a humane manner in our own facility. Our staff are specialists who work quickly and precisely in a single production line.

Experience and professionalism

Vitelco's veal slaughterhouse is operated professionally and in a way that reflects our strong passion for high-quality veal. We aim to offer you the best veal products and make use of the whole calf.

Our extensive experience and our global reach mean our production and distribution operations are very highly service-oriented. We can handle composite orders without any difficulty, from whole carcasses and bone-in products to ready-to-use PAD ('prêt à découper') and convenience products.


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Quality and reliability

We monitor quality throughout the chain. This involves, for example, working in the slaughterhouse according to the strict rules of each quality label. You can read more about this under the Quality heading.

Our uniform way of working and our large volumes make us a particularly reliable supplier of top-quality products. You can always count on us for the veal products that you need. Each year we slaughter around 400,000 animals, so we are excellently placed to meet the demand for white and rosé veal, and young beef.

Customisation and halal

Because we are specialists who work with large volumes, we are able to offer customised services. If you require non-standard cuts, please ask us about the options.

If you require veal to be slaughtered according to halal principles, we can do this too. The Control Office of Halal Slaughtering & Halal Quality Control is an independent body that makes sure we meet all the current requirements.

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Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

Wilfried Fleuren

General Sales Manager
T: +31 73 624 20 60 E: w.fleuren@vitelco.nl