Specialised abattoir

Vitelco has its own professional calf abattoir in ’s-Hertogenbosch, where we process 350,000 animals annually. All the veal products we supply come from calves we have slaughtered ourselves. Independent inspection bodies ensure that we do this respectfully and according to guidelines. Our employees work quickly and accurately in a streamlined process.

Experience, craftsmanship and customisation

Our veal abattoir is characterised by professionalism, which is reflected in the high-quality veal we deliver to our customers every day. We make use of the entire calf. Our staff has a great deal of experience in this, and our processes are designed to facilitate it. Our scale and expertise also make us flexible. If you require several different types of cuts or products, we can also easily handle mixed orders, such as combining bone-in and convenience products in the same delivery. This dedication to providing excellent customer service also extends beyond the Netherlands: we deliver worldwide.

Quality and reliability

We continuously monitor our quality. Our abattoir operates in compliance with the stringent rules of all quality marks and ensures strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. Our slaughtering process is carried out under the constant supervision of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the Foundation for Quality Guarantee in the Veal Meat Sector (SKV), and we are BRC and IFS certified. All of this is your assurance that you are buying the best quality veal.


All our veal is halal slaughtered. Vitelco is your source for halal veal spareribs and other halal veal products. We comply fully with the requirements for this method of slaughter. This is overseen by the independent Control Office of Halal Slaughtering B.V. & Halal Quality Control in The Hague.

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