What are your requirements?

We sell Vitelco veal products all over the world. Thanks to our large-scale operation and by managing the entire chain, we are able to guarantee and supply consistently high quality. As our sales area is so extensive and because we slaughter 400,000 animals a year, we can supply individual customers with exactly what they need. Tell us your requirements and we will make sure they are met.

Any delivery possible

At Vitelco we slaughter every day and every day we debone and pack a variety of cuts. We can also handle larger volumes and non-standard cuts.

If you want your veal in portions or delivered as a ready-made convenience product, this too is possible. On top of that, you can even let us know the delivery terms and packaging you would prefer.

We can vacuum pack your veal products or place them in skin packs (retail packaging). We then ship your order in an E2 crate or clearly recognisable box or bucket.



Industrial products

At Vitelco, we help industrial customers. The constant supply of slaughter animals means we have a continuous flow of industrial products ranging from shreds to hides. We will ship your daily fresh order in boxes (40-50 per pallet), DOLAV or frozen polyblocks.

Recognisable product lines

All Vitelco veal products are clearly recognisable. The relevant category is displayed on each product, a mandatory requirement for the sale of veal. Category V, for example, means that the veal was slaughtered at less than eight months old. Category Z means that the  veal was slaughtered at between eight and twelve months old.

Every product line has a distinctive colour scheme:


Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

Wilfried Fleuren

General Sales Manager
T: +31 73 624 20 60 E: w.fleuren@vitelco.nl