Custom solutions

Custom solutions for every customer

Vitelco’s veal products are sold all over the world. Our capacity, flexibility and control of the supply chain mean we can meet any demand, from bone-in and boneless veal to custom-processed products based on customer preferences. We also package and deliver the products according to our customer’s wishes.

Always fresh

Our abattoir and deboning facilities operate every day, producing freshly packed products in a variety of cuts. We can also handle larger volumes and non-standard cuts.

Wholesale and hospitality

We supply our veal products to meat wholesalers, catering wholesalers and restaurants. We take your preferences into account and deliver products according to your specifications: portion packed, as ready-made convenience products, with or without a vacuum seal. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them. Your order will always be delivered in handy meat crates or clearly identifiable boxes or buckets.

Industrial products

At Vitelco, we ensure that nothing goes to waste. We actively search for markets and customers who can make use of our by-products, for example, in the industrial sector. That’s where our leftover trimmings have been going for years.

Recognisable product lines

All Vitelco veal products are clearly identifiable by their packaging colour:

  • Blue: white veal
  • Red: rosé veal
  • Purple: young beef

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