The partner for all your veal

Vitelco is your partner for high-quality white and rosé veal. All our veal meets the strictest requirements when it comes to animal welfare. The products of Vitelpro are exclusive, portion packed and cooked as desired and custom-made.


With a passion for veal

Vitelco supplies rosé veal, young beef and white veal in various cuts, fresh, cooked, vacuum packed or frozen. But even if you are looking for specifically portion packed, ready-to-cook products, a unique flavour or halal veal: it's all possible. We always think and work based on you, our customer. So you have come to the right place for the best veal products at Vitelco.


Vitelpro stands for the best quality white and rosé veal. For professionals in the catering and food service industries, the products come portion packed and cooked as desired. From veal medallions and ossobuco to cooked spareribs and bacon. Exclusive, custom-made and packed, and ready to use. Got other desires, flavours or ideas? We are happy to help.

Only the best, most tender veal; that is Vitelpro.


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With the high-quality, sustainable, responsible Vitel-oké veal, we go the extra mile in terms of animal welfare. Vitel-oké is our conviction, our philosophy. Regional veal farms, good living conditions and loving care for our calves.

Vitel-oké: for a respectful relationship between people, animals and nature.


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