Veal from Vitelpro

Vitelco supplies top-quality white and rosé veal under the brand name Vitelpro. The meat is portion packed and prepared to the specifications of professionals in the catering and food service industries. Only the best tender veal is selected for Vitelpro; meat with a fine structure and subtle flavour, lean, nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals.

Healthy calves

It is important to us that our calves are healthy and well cared for. That's why our specialists see to it that they are reared in the best conditions. They then make a selection based on colour, weight and shape. After processing and a final thorough inspection, the best quality veal is selected for Vitelpro. 

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Tailor-made, portion packed and ready to cook

There is high demand for portion packed veal in the catering and food service industries. Our range includes a variety of veal products of the highest quality: from veal medallions to burgers, veal bacon, ossobuco, veal tournedos, T-bone steaks and cooked spareribs. Exclusive, tailor-made and packaged, and ready to use.

Convenience products

Do you have a good idea regarding taste or have you noticed a need for specific veal products? Then you are in the right place at Vitelco. We can develop a complete customer journey with you: developing together, determining what the flavour should be like together. The result? A custom-made product that suits both you and your customer's taste experience.

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Veal bacon

Bacon is often thought of as pork. But we have developed veal bacon. We have created the shape, taste and sensation of real bacon, but with veal. And this is truly unique. Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us.


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