Vitel-oké: natural veal

Prime veal from sustainable and responsible sources. Vitel-oké is not merely a brand, but also our firm conviction and philosophy - and that’s been the case since 2010. The wellbeing and health of the calves and ensuring that they are treated with respect are important to us. Vitel-oké means rearing in the region, good stabling conditions and thoughtful care for our animals.

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Because sustainable is better

Healthy and particularly conscious nutrition has been more than a trend for some time. It is rather a new lifestyle that has become popular among more and more people. What we eat determines how we live and has a significant effect on our health, levels of satisfaction and our happiness. We want to live healthily and enjoy our food with a good conscience. That means that we focus increasingly on what we eat and its origins. And that’s how it should be. With Vitel-oké, we lay down a marker for a respectful relationship between people, animals and nature.

Responsible veal farming

Vitel-oké has set new standards for veal farming since 2010. Our calves are housed in groups appropriate to their social behaviour. They have adequate space to live and move in plenty of daylight. High-quality and varied feed, as well as fresh water, is constantly available to the calves.

We work with many veal farmers in the region who exclusively rear calves from their immediate vicinity, always paying attention to transport them in a way that is as short and stress-free as possible. Travel times for our animals are strictly limited and our vehicles are fitted with air conditioning and water points.

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High Quality

We follow stringent animal welfare requirements for our own Vitel-oke standard. Adherence to all these criteria is checked constantly by independent certification bodies.

Quality labels

Sustainability and quality right down the line – that’s what motivates us! All our products are produced under the constant supervision of independent institutions and meet the highest standards when it comes to production and logistics. Our state-of-the-art production sites is unique in Europe and sets new quality standards. Vitel-oké has been awarded these quality labels:

The product range – individual & varied

Vitel-oké is rosé veal for the connoisseur. Delicate pink, with an unrivalled and aromatic flavour. Whether veal fillet, French rack or Picanha (rump cap), Vitel-oké meets the highest gourmet standards.

Our range for the wholesale and retail trade is just as individual and varied as our service. Cut and packed to your requirements or as your exclusive and top-quality own brand – we make it happen!

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