Rosé veal

Vitelco is proud to have introduced rosé veal. You can be sure of genuine veal that is guaranteed to be less than eight months old. We supply delicious veal of a consistently high quality.

Our rosé veal's beautiful pink colour is not only a joy to the eye; it is also a treat for the palette. The balanced feed given to the calves has created an entirely new product. This delicious veal is attractively priced and highly versatile, making it ideal for use in large-scale catering kitchens. Vitelco can supply large volumes of all possible cuts and portions.

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The key characteristics of rosé veal:

  • category V (< 8 months)
  • guaranteed tender
  • mainly roughage (< 30 kg milk)
  • pink-coloured meat
  • attractive price-quality ratio

Compare rosé veal to white and young beef.

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