More than a kilometer of 'PALI Group' trucks

More than a kilometer of 'PALI Group' trucks

On June 24, 2023, a chain of 35 PALI Group trucks drove straight through and around the city Den Bosch. The string of blue, white and red refrigerated and livestock trucks was over one kilometer long. Our entire fleet, together with all our drivers were represented. They played the leading role in a drone film for which impressive shots were made from the air on this sunny Saturday.

This string of PALI Group trucks was already imposing from the ground. The perspective from the air is even more impressive. Curious about the beautiful images? Watch the drone video here.

Proud drivers

Every year around summer, PALI Logistics – the transport branch of PALI Group – organizes a fun afternoon for all colleagues. This year we chose to present our entire fleet in a spectacular way. The drivers were happy to participate in the recordings. “They are all very proud of their truck,” explains Raoul Maas (division manager transport). “Some give their truck a personal touch by styling the interior. They can do this, as long as it does not hinder the uniform and professional PALI Group image. We also find comfort very important, especially since our drivers spend a lot of time in and around their truck.”

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