White veal

Vitelco is renowned as an advisory supplier of high-quality veal. This means you can always count on a suitable range of outstanding white and rosé veal, and young beef products.

White veal is an attractive, luxury product that is young, tender, easily digestible and has a low fat content. Demand for this delicacy, with its fine structure and refined flavour, is very high. To meet this demand, Vitelco processes white veal calves in its slaughterhouse and deboning hall every day.

Our suppliers put great care and attention into their quality white veal products. How your products are delivered is up to you - bone-in or boneless, in portions or according to your own individual specifications. Feel free to ask us about all the options.

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The key characteristics of white veal:

  • category V (< 8 months)
  • top quality
  • mainly milk fed (> 300 kg milk)
  • white-coloured meat
  • higher price category

Compare white veal with rosé veal and young beef.

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