Duke's Cuisine: new convenience line for the hospitality sector

Duke's Cuisine: new convenience line for the hospitality sector

High quality, cooked, fresh and frozen veal, beef & pork products

Vitelco is launching a new convenience line of cooked, fresh and frozen veal, beef & pork products for the hospitality sector: Duke’s Cuisine. With this new convenience line, low-staffed hospitality outlets can also serve top quality at a good price.

Making the chef's life easier

Duke’s Cuisine offers solutions for the challenges faced by the hospitality sector by supplying pre-sliced and pre-cooked portions of quality meat. That makes working in the kitchen efficient and flexible in times of staff shortages. And you prevent waste because the meat is portioned and pre-sliced. The name Duke's Cuisine refers to 's-Hertogenbosch, Dutch for the Duke's Forest, the birthplace of this new brand, and the princely quality of the meat.

Extensive assortment

The Duke's Cuisine assortment mainly consists of veal and pork, supplemented with some lovely beef products. With a selection ranging from veal loin, ribeye, ossobuco to French rack, veal fillet hamburgers, sweetbread and entrecôtes, there is something for every hospitality concept. The range of cooked meat takes pride of place. Deliciously tender, slow cooked meat is a popular menu item. But this method of preparation is a major challenge for the restaurant’s kitchen, because it is very time consuming. Duke’s Cuisine puts in the time so that hospitality outlets can still list these popular products on their menu.

Quality guaranteed

Vitelco is one of Europe’s largest veal slaughtering and production companies. The company produces and supplies veal in all possible cuts, portions and numbers. With Duke’s Cuisine, Vitelco now also delivers its meat directly to the hospitality sector. Because the company is involved in the entire chain, from farmer to plate, the origin of the meat has no secrets. Quality and a fair price are guaranteed.

The new Duke's Cuisine product line is officially available from 3 May. For more information www.dukescuisine.com