Just-in-time distribution

We carefully organise the transport of our veal products so you can always count on them whenever and wherever you need them. Our carriers provide just-in-time deliveries using block times so you know in advance when to expect your order.

Food Safety

Our carriers are HACCP certified. Using temperature-controlled loading and unloading docks means they do not have to interrupt the refrigeration chain. The temperature remains low as a result, so they are able to guarantee food safety.

We also regularly send logging devices with the orders for monitoring purposes.

Carriers-veal-food safety-DTZ8411.jpg

More environmentally friendly

Our carriers operate under the cross dock system. They collect as many products as possible from several suppliers at a single location and redistribute them into different shipments. This allows the lorries to deliver several different products to one customer, and that reduces the number of journeys made and therefore CO2 emissions. When distributing our veal products in towns and cities, we use electric and natural gas transport solutions which prevent unnecessarily excessive CO2 emissions.

Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

Antwan van Rijn

Sales support / planner container shipments
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