Freezing veal products

Our own cold store facility, Vrieskade, has a freezing capacity of 300 tons per day. We can immediately freeze our veal products on the day they are produced in a number of different ways, according to customer requirements.

Tunnel-freezing-and-plate freezing-DTZ8458.jpg

Tunnel freezing and plate freezing

In our cold store facility, we can perform small-scale freezing in the freezing tunnel for 24 pallets. We perform large-scale tunnel freezing in two large freezing bunkers with a 200 pallet capacity. If necessary, we are also able to perform accelerated plate freezing.

Customised storage

Vrieskade has a storage capacity of 45,000 square metres. This gives us all the space we need to freeze and store all your veal products. Thanks to the various different storage cells, we can always offer customised storage.

Thawing-and-temperature cells.jpg

Set your temperature

You can let us know the processing temperature at which you would like to receive your veal products. With our specially developed thawing and temperature cells, we will ensure that we deliver your orders at the temperature you want them. You can choose any temperature between -18 °C and +2 °C.

Pre-packed veal

Would you like to receive your veal products specially packaged? We can do that too. As an extra service, we can package your veal by hand, even as meat assortment packs.


Any questions?

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