Quality and continuity guaranteed

In order to guarantee the high quality of our veal products and ensure continuity of supply, Vitelco plays an active part as chain director. We agree clear rules with every link in the chain and constantly check quality and the various processes. We monitor the health and welfare of the animals and make sure production is completely transparent and uniform. This means we can offer you absolute guarantees when it comes to supplying the best veal.

At Vitelco, we conduct ourselves in an informal manner, and that makes us flexible, as an organisation. Thanks to our structure in which the roles are clearly defined, we are able to fulfil the promises we make to our customers.

Wilfried Fleuren General Sales Manager


A top product starts with the best ingredients. We therefore take a great deal of care in selecting and buying our calves. Each year, our colleagues at PALI Group buy around 400,000 calves directly from veal farms. We also have our own farms and starter stalls working under contract. Most of the white and rosé veal, and young beef calves, are born in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Veal farm

Even when still at the veal farms, our calves are assessed by PALI Group's purchasing specialists. They apply strict selection criteria in relation to health, age, conformation, sex and weight of the animals, and make sure that the veal farmer feeds, accommodates and takes care of our specially selected calves properly. Our calves are guaranteed to grow under the best circumstances possible.

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Vitelco has its own professional slaughterhouse in 's-Hertogenbosch. Used specifically for calves, it operates all year round, processing around 400,000 animals each year. Because we work with large volumes, we are able to supply continuously and offer customised services. It goes without saying that our veal slaughterhouse meets every quality standard.

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Deboning hall

As well as our slaughterhouse, Vitelco also has its own veal deboning hall, in which we process the calves into boneless veal the day after slaughter. The slaughterhouse and deboning hall share the same location in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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Cold store

Vitelco uses Vrieskade, PALI Group's own cold store facility, for freezing veal products. This freezer warehouse has ample capacity and shares the same location as the slaughterhouse and deboning hall.

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Our carriers have a dense distribution network so we are always able to deliver your veal to the right place at the right time, but without ever losing sight of the importance of food safety, sustainability, and the environment.

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At Vitelco, we use the whole animal, which means the hides and skins also find their way to the chain. At Vitelco Leather we use them to make high-quality calf leather.

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Our range of white and rosé veal, and young beef, is extensive and because we produce large volumes we are always able to deliver whatever you are looking for. Our account managers have all been trained to answer your questions about different cuts and types of meat. Tailor-made offers for different cuts or portions can be provided very easily.

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